Meet The Doctor

Dr. Tony Hyser is a wellness physician with a passion to transform lives.  He travels all over North America, learning and researching cutting-edge techniques to help people reach their health potential.  Dr. Tony has appeared on Fox News, public radio, and businesses all over the city promoting healthy living. Studies have demonstrated that approximately 90% of all disease is lifestyle induced. Dr. Tony is passionate about teaching how to avoid these lifestyle pitfalls and helping people build a powerful mindset toward their health.

Dr. Tony pursued his bachelor’s degree at Grace College in Indiana. He completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan University in St. Louis in 2007. Following graduate school, he moved to Florida to train under some of the top wellness doctors in the world. He has further education in Neurology, Pediatrics, Nutrition and Corrective Care Spinal Correction. Dr. Tony is a member of Maximized Living, a group of doctors that have embarked on a global initiative to educate and transform the way healthcare is delivered.

Dr. Tony has been married to his wife of 12 years, Rachel. Together they have 3 children, Kaiya, Kaleb and Kadence.

A personal note from Dr. Tony–

Some of you reading this right now….I get where you are at. You are a slave to your health condition. I hear the words spoken all too often. “I’ve tried every diet, nothing works.” “I’ll die if I don’t take my pills.” “I’ll never be able to have a child.” “I’m not able to sleep at night because I am afraid my child will have a severe asthma attack.”  My goal is to change the way people view and manage their health so that they may enjoy the type of life God created them to live!

In my youth, I had my own severe health struggles.  I was sick all the time. My illness was as regular as clockwork, but I never understood why. My mom is a nurse, and she knew all the best doctors — or so we thought at the time.  I was a collegiate soccer player, and my coach made sure I got plenty of exercise.  Despite striving for good nutritional habits, I still could not grasp the ability to stay well.  I had zeal without knowledge.  All of my health problems culminated in the worst case of mononucleosis that the emergency room doctor had ever seen.  In addition, I topped it off with a case of pneumonia and a bad sinus infection. My face was swollen to twice the size of normal and I had to move back in with my mom so she could care for me. I could barely get off the couch. I nearly lost my soccer scholarship because I had to miss an entire semester due to the severity of my illness.  So when you hear the phrase, “People are sick and tired of being sick and tired,” I have lived it.  It wasn’t until I was introduced to wellness chiropractic care, and even more so, Maximized Living care, that I truly understood what it takes to be healthy.
Here is my promise to you. You will never see a sign on my door that reads “No longer accepting new patients.” If we outgrow the space at our current location, I will find somewhere else to practice. If the number of doctors here are not enough to handle the patients coming through our doors, I will hire more outstanding doctors. If you are sick, you need to be here. If you are healthy, we need to keep you that way. The care I give my patients is the same care I give my family. I invite you to see how the Maximized Living Essentials can change your life the way they have for me and my family.