Rehab Care

You are probably not a spinal researcher, but at this point you can clearly see how urgent it is to your health and your family’s future well-being that you have an un-subluxated spine with the correct spinal curves. Look for an Maximized Living doctor who is specifically trained to evaluate proper spinal alignment. If you have a problem, this type of doctor will know the protocols to restore your spine and nervous system and, thus, bring your body back to health again.

Extremely important, but commonly overlooked parts of the protocol for effective spinal correction are advanced, rehabilitative exercises that are done in the doctor’s office and at home. These routines are what actually make correction possible. This part of corrective care is so powerful, that it not only helps to correct curves and stop degeneration – it can cause RE-generation. The exercises actually help to restore disc height, reverse some of the bone loss caused by decay, and reverse what is often considered the “normal” aging process.

The state-of-the-art rehabilitation program you will be exposed to at a Maximized Living doctor’s office is designed to help you achieve very rapid changes; not only in your back muscles, but also in your overall health. It makes Chiropractic a more permanent rather than only a temporary fix.

Dr. Burl Pettibon, the scientist behind many of the exercises, says it best:  “Optimal Health is a journey, NOT a destination.  Becoming healthy and STAYING healthy is a choice.   This program is about CHOOSING to be healthy and functioning at 100% for the rest of your life.”

Spinal Molding Wedges

Much of the damage to the spine is done over time to the ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissues. You will lie down on comfortable foam blocks that will literally help to re-mold the spinal joints, muscles, discs, and ligaments back to their more optimal shape.

The Wobble/Disc Regeneration Chair

* Adds strength and flexibility to the ligaments and discs of your low back.
* Reduces stress in the low back and aids in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries.
* Assists in the healing of disc bulges and disc tears.
* Rehydrates/re-inflates the lumbar discs and keeps them young, strong and healthy.
* Helps to circulate CSF (Fluid that nourishes the brain and spinal cord).
* Massages the heart (via central tendon) and reduces chances of heart attacks.
* Stimulates reflexes to correct posture.  (Enhances postural correction while wearing head/shoulder weights)
* Enhances oxygenation of blood and stimulates metabolism, which is necessary for prevention of disease.
* Warms up the discs prior to the adjustment and prior to spinal molding at home to reshape the spine more easily.

Standing Cervical (Decompression) Traction

* Reduces stress in the neck and upper back as well as aids in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries.
* Assists in the healing of disc bulges and disc tears.
* Rehydrates cervical discs and keeps them young, strong, and healthy.
* Helps restore the normal cervical curve -“The arc of life” – and relieve tension on the spinal cord
* Warms up the discs prior to the adjustment and prior to spinal molding at home so you can reshape your spine more easily
* Increases the motion of the first 4 cervical vertebrae to re-stimulate endorphin production (chemicals which block pain).

Head/Shoulder/Hip Weights

* Corrects forward head posture and overall posture.
* Relieves tension on spinal cord helping energy flow easier from the brain to the body restoring overall health.
* Relieves stress/tension on the heart.
* Promotes tissue oxygenation by increasing lung capacity.
* Relieves pressure and stress on degenerative discs so they can rehydrate/regenerate.

These exercises will help you HOLD AND STABILIZE your correction longer, accelerate your results, and create more permanent correction. To get the incredible results we’re promising requires your commitment. Those that follow the care plan and do their in-office and home routines as prescribed to you by your doctor get well.